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A 1-day intensive virtual workshop for remote managers.

  • Level up from remote manager to leader

  • Learn the essential skills to lead remote teams

  • Implement new practices from day 1

Transformation is hard, especially if you don't have the necessary skills to implement it in your practices.

With the Leadership Anywhere Training Program, I help remote companies support their managers in the constantly changing work environment.

The program works best for businesses with an already established hybrid/remote setup with around 50 to 100 people on board.

The program impacts core factors of the business through leadership transformation:

  • It teaches new ways to communicate with remote teams that directly impact performance

  • It describes new ways to measure performance for remote teams that directly impacts employee engagement.

  • It arms managers with new skills to manage remote teams directly impacting employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

In other words: the program teaches you how to create a remote-first culture within your organization that is supported by your leadership and enjoyed by your team.


The program combines traditional live online training with a workshop experience.

Your managers will learn the ins and outs of remote-first leadership practices with condensed sessions ending with Q&As.

Then in the afternoon, we focus on implementing the learnings in your company through collaborative group workshops.

Each program is customized to the company that I work with.


  • Live virtual event facilitated through an online event platform

  • Combined training + workshop experience

  • Customized for your needs

  • Duration is 1 day where generally training is 3hrs with an additional 3hrs of group workshops, plus Q&As

  • Lifetime follow-up support asynchronously

Price is $500/seat with a minimum of 10 seats.

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