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  • Understand your own current communication habits and their effect on others
  • Tested methods and processes to parse information and to support those around you to communicate more meaningfully
  • Learn how to use and apply asynchronous information flows across your team and the company

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David Sala, Happiness Engineer at Automattic

After taking some courses regarding remote leadership, I have to share my admiration towards Valentina's Remote Leadership Accelerator. The course had a surprisingly practical side, which left me take aways ready to apply after each class. An absolute must for getting your remote leadership towards the next level.

European Women in Tech 2019

She’s a force to reckon with. Practical, pragmatic and unapologetically action driven.

SDX Belgrade

I liked how energetic and open Valentina is. She was straight to the point and led the workshop neatly. The topic is important, takeaway great.

Managing Information Overload in a Connected World cover image


When companies shift to remote, the number of meetings increases and emails start to snowball. This information overload paradoxically creatse a sense of information scarcity. When there’s too much information, FOMO increases. No one can afford to skip a meeting or mute an email thread lest they miss the opportunity to participate. A never-ending stream of messages via Slack/Teams/Whatsapp/… requires constant monitoring, and yet many managers have no idea what is going on in their teams.

Target Audience: People Managers and people who collaborate with others.

About the Expert

With over a decade of remote experience, Valentina helps leaders and managers to adapt to distributed and hybrid realities, helping them to excel in the art of remote people management. As Empress of Product at Klaus (a conversation review platform for support teams), she leads the product organization of the fast growing SaaS startup HQs in Estonia and employees across Europe. Previous experiences include leadership roles at companies like Automattic and Yahoo Right Media, as well as the startup space. Originally from Germany, she lives close to Barcelona with her twin pre-schoolers. Yes, she does wear a tiara.

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