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Disruptions, unclear priorities, and lack of structure leads to an increased feeling of stress and steal focus from doing the things that matter most. Increase your productivity and well-being by creating smarter and healthier work habits to regain your energy and time.

This workshop is grounded on the wealth of research that delves into the concepts and skills that underpin the fourth generation of successful time management. We will use Microsoft Outlook as our common ground to share and showcase how to create better work habits immediately in your commonly used tool.

By the end of the workshop, your employees will be able to understand how to differentiate between urgent and important tasks on a daily basis, understand and implement the best structure around email management, make the most out of your time by planning and executing based on your highest priorities, create and implement a smarter and healthier work habits in Microsoft Outlook, and understand what and how to go about your “Einstein Window”.

Project steps

Keynote delivery (90 minutes)


Employees must use Microsoft Outlook daily.