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Excellence and success in business rest on three legs: (1) your technical knowledge and skills, (2) your team and systems, and (3) your level of self-awareness and your leadership skills.

Most programs I know focus on the first two legs, but in remote work settings, the third is crucial.

Together, we will improve all three, so you can create a high-performing business that doesn't burn you out.

During the 6-month process, you will:

  • Understand what success and impact mean to you and how you can strive to achieve them.
  • Develop your ability to cope with stress, change, and life’s challenges.
  • Strengthen your capacity to get things done.
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, partners, and clients.
  • Bounce back more easily from setbacks and disappointments.
  • Develop the capacity to lead amid ambiguity and complexity.

Project steps

Intention setting
We will define what you want to achieve or create (30 min).
Creating your innerOS
Together we will reflect on how you function at your best, how you relate to others, what you believe about yourself and the world, how you currently influence and shape your environment, and how you learn and grow, resulting in a customized personal development plan (4 weekly sessions @ 60-min each).
2 coaching sessions per month
We will create lasting changes in the way you work and lead (10 sessions over 5 months).
Feedback and follow-up session 3 months after the process (90 min).


Commitment for at least 6 months, willingness to take full responsibility for your life, willingness to invest the time and do the work needed to grow as a person and leader.

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