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An internal podcast, created by your people, for your people is a creative way of keeping dispersed employees connected (whether in a fully remote or hybrid organisation) to the organisation and each other. By sharing stories and achievements, your culture can continue to evolve, without your people being physically together.

Project steps

We speak
You will speak to Pilar Orti, prolific podcaster herself and online collaboration specialist. What disconnection issues are you facing? What aspects of your culture do you want to amplify? What other internal communication and learning initiatives are you running in your organisation?
You decide your level of support
We recommend that you start with a “Podcast Inspiration and Planning Workshop”. Through this workshop you’ll assess whether there is enough appetite and available time in the organisation to commit to the project. If there is, we can continue working together.
We map out our collaboration
After the workshop, we’ll help you put together your podcast team, upscale your people and help them plan the show. We’ll help you set up the online collaboration tools and systems of visible teamwork to keep the project running. We’ll give your team feedback on their first 4 episodes and help them plan their first 10. (We recommend one episode every four weeks.)
We take it one step further (optional - extra charged)
We can look after the whole production process. We’ll provide a facilitator-podcaster who can bring the voices in your organisation together. We can also look after the content and production process, making sure that we become the vehicle for your people’s voices and stories.


Setting up and running your internal podcast will take up time. The team you put together to do this will need to create time in their schedule - not add it on top of everything else they've got on their plate. (Unless we take care of the full production.)

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