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  • How to manage your time, tasks and calendar
  • How to work from home
  • Strategies to improve your wellbeing and productivity remotely
  • How to reduce communication and meeting overwhelm
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries around your work

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Nazim Ahmed - CEO at Creative Layer

As our company was moving to a fully remote model, we were searching for someone to help us implement best practices across the organization as we were switching to a remote first mindset. Shauna has proven herself to be that person in spades, who will help you outline a map on where you need to get to over the long term, while keeping your employees motivated and connected. She will get into the details or zoom out and see the big picture, depending on what you need. She has a perfect balance between academic training in the space and practical experience. I highly recommend working with Shauna if you want to implement a world class remote first model within your organization.

Declan Costello - R&D Director at Medtronic

Shauna facilitated some workshops for our team focusing on collaboration and communication in groups that would not normally work remotely. It was an extremely well run activity and identified a number of easy to implement strategies to improve how we work as a group. Shauna is a strong facilitator and we were also impressed at the simplicity of her suggested solutions. I would highly recommend engaging her for this type of activity.

Heather Odendaal - Founder & CEO at WNORTH

Shauna delivered an informative and action oriented workshop on “Driving Leadership Effectiveness in the new world of Remote Work” for our membership. In an hour long session she packed so many gems of wisdom and insightful advice based on her years of experience in the world of remote work. 2020 has been a huge shift for so many organizations and I highly recommend hiring Shauna and her team to help navigate this new world of work.

Reducing Burnout and Building Resilience as a Remote Worker cover image


In this workshop, you’ll learn the science behind highly motivated and productive teams, + gain access to all the tools you need so you can stop burnout in your team before it even starts.

Remote teams shouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of burnout. In order to create sustainable remote teams, your employees need the tools, knowledge and resources to better manage themselves, their lives and their work from a home environment.

You will walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your limits and your own personalized strategies that you can use to sustain yourself in a busy remote team environment so that you don’t risk burnout and truly start to thrive.

Who is this for:

  • Remote employees at all levels of the organization
  • Individual contributors
  • Leaders

About the Expert

Shauna Moran is the founder of Operate Remote- an accredited and award-winning executive coaching agency that empowers CEO's and their remote teams to create and build more emotionally-healthy, engaged and sustainable organizations- so they can scale and grow with confidence, regardless of locations.

Since 20167, Shauna has combined her knowledge and research in fields such as psychology, business, innovation management to uncover the most sustainable and effective strategies for building highly functional remote-first organizations.

From working with hundreds of organizations like Webflow, Shell International, Enterprise Ireland, O2E Brands, Infinera, and many more all of the world, Operate Remote has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Training and Coaching Businesses in Europe for 2020.

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