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Anyone • Leaders • Individuals
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11-20 • 2-10
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A constructive company culture is the invisible glue responsible for effective communication, connecting employees around a common goal. In the absence of a healthy company culture, the main topic of connection is complaints, or a complete lack of engagement. Leaders have an important role to play in this situation. Their behaviour is considered the guiding principle as to how visible (or absent) members of the organization are supposed to be. Leaders risk alienating their workforce if they don’t actively engage in creating and facilitating necessary habits. Opportunities need to be made for a team to feel like they belong.

Project steps

Introductory call & calendar organization
25-min scoping call to understand YOUR pain points and set a date for the live part of the training.
Pain point questionnaire
You'll receive a questionnaire to distribute to your leadership team, or your entire team, to figure out how everyone is living the current company culture and where THEY see challenges.
Customized training call and materials
You'll receive training material via video, audio, and written materials created and selected specifically for you and your situation. Your team has time to go through this material at their own pace. They will get specific questions to prepare for the sessions and can submit their own questions either in writing or bring them to the call.
Live Q&A call with recording
We are going to answer your questions and the examples you worked on in preparation for the call. Participants don't have to be on the live call, they can also submit their questions and reflections in writing, since you will get a recording. Voilá, you've just had your first meeting with prep and asyncronous option.


30-min optional prep call (can be done via email when time zones don't help), time for participants to prepare (1-2 hours), 90-min Q&A call.

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