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Use Remote-how solutions to align your workforce around similar priorities, values, and attitudes. Build strong connections between your different teams.

Project steps

Remote Work Audit: culture focus
The audit provides an insightful snapshot of what’s going well and what needs to be improved in your company. It includes anonymous surveys with your employees tailored to four different groups, perspective analysis from both the manager and employee sides, 1:1 discovery calls with key stakeholders, and revised company policies & playbooks.
Remote-how Academy for Managers and HR
You’ll get access to expert-curated content related to company culture from our flagship programs at Remote-how Academy.
Expert-guided virtual workshops
Two expert-guided virtual workshops will help you adapt your knowledge to your company-specific situation and needs: one workshop to define engagement & socializing strategies and one workshop to map out key influencers in your company culture.
Summary report
We’ll wrap up the project by preparing a complex summary report that serves as your implementation roadmap. It includes feedback from remote work experts, suggested strategies to fit your unique company culture, and a draft of company culture playbook or adjustments to your existing one.
Implementation consultations (optional)
That’s not all! If you want to stay in touch with our consultants during the implementation process, as well as measure the impact of the project, we’re happy to run regular consultations for you! Ongoing measurement of Key Behavior Indicators and long-term mentoring and advising on the remote culture at your company.