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8 hours / 2 x 4 hours
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Complete with a robust psychometric tool for each participant, this program helps managers to:

  1. Leverage Their Teams' Cognitive Diversity To Raise Productivity

  2. Discover An Individual's Natural Strengths In Making Decisions and Working With Others

  3. Eliminate Unhealthy Workplace Conflicts Especially In A Distributed Team

This is a dedicated program filled with learning activities and can be arranged as a full 8-hour session or 2 x 4 hours.

Here's what a previous participant had to say:

"The best part of the program was how we were able to use a set of tangible data to predict how and why our peers think and behave the way they do. This helps greatly in our communication, thereby reducing friction and increasing understanding, especially as a remote team.

The facilitator also made an effort to reach out to all the participants. There were lots of laughter and light-hearted banter, which helped to break the ice. Thank you."

Valerie Neo Senior Assistant Director, HR Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore

Project steps

Discovery Call (40 mins)
We will seek to understand your current remote team management challenges and see how we can even contextualize some of the workshop curriculum to fit your exact needs.
Pre-Workshop Questionnaire (20 mins)
Every participant will be required to complete an online questionnaire that helps determine their thinking and behavioral preferences. These profile results will be instrumental to the desired outcomes of the program.
Actual Workshop Session
The workshop takes place entirely virtually using primarily Zoom, Google Jamboard or Mural.
Post-Workshop Deliverables
The stakeholder(s) will receive the consolidated workshop evaluation scores and other group reports for internal reference.

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