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60-90 minutes decided during the Alignment & Set Up Call
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Up to 15 people

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The Daily RECAP technique serves the individual as well as the team. By implementing this technique daily, transparency, communication, and trust will improve throughout your entire team. Each team member will become more aware of how they spend their time at work and confidently unplug from work, ending their day with more energy.

Includes a 60 minute workshop, Daily RECAP Guide, and progress survey.

Project steps

Alignment & Set-Up Call (50 minutes)
This call is to better understand your team's current pain points and goals. The information gathered in this call will be used to tailor the Daily RECAP technique to your team's unique needs and culture.
Pre-Workshop Survey
Let's hear from your team!
Daily RECAP Workshop (60-90 minutes)
The workshop is 100% online, using Zoom. The call is designed to teach the Daily RECAP technique and discuss solutions for possible roadblocks when implementing it.
Follow-Up Survey
Team members will fill out this survey prior to the Team Follow-Up Call.
Team Follow-Up Call (60 minutes)
This call is designed to improve adoption and address any roadblocks the team is experiencing.


Decision makers must be involved. Alignment & Set-Up Call completed. Pre-Workshop Survey filled out prior to Workshop.

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