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  • Add “withhold” to your vocabulary
  • Transform a Raw Withhold into a Skilled Withhold
  • Understand the consequences of withholding
  • Learn how to reveal your first withhold

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Learn a skill for creating more open and honest communication in your relationships. “Withholds” are any facts, thoughts (beliefs, assumptions, opinions, and judgments), or feelings that you are aware of and have not shared with someone, which impact the quality of connection, personal growth, or shareholder value. Teams that reveal withholds manage social friction that gets in the way of achieving extraordinary levels of innovation, productivity, and social connection.

Who is it for:

  • Leaders, managers, executives
  • HR, people ops
  • psychological safety nerds

Key learnings:

  • Notice withholds that you have with current relationships (colleagues, friends, family, etc).
  • Skillfully reveal withholds in a way that is compassionate and constructive.
  • Create more social connections and intimacy.
  • Invite others to speak more truthfully to you.
  • Add “withhold” to your vocabulary.
  • Learn how to transform a Raw Withhold into a Skilled Withhold.
  • Understand the consequences of withholding.
  • Create noble intentions/practices as a team.
  • Learn about withhold culture, psychological safety, and candor culture.
  • Learn how to reveal your first withhold.
  • Learn a tool for unsilencing crickets in meetings to speak what is true for them.


“This culture-building activity felt more like a cathartic therapy session for our entire team! We’re typically very transparent and personal in our communication, but this took it to a whole new level. Even better, the dynamics of trust and empathy have been noticeably strengthened since then. A must-experience for any team, regardless of location.”

Laurel Farrer, Top International Remote Work Expert, Forbes Writer

“This session addresses everything I have been feeling and looking for - finding connection while having fun. Active listening is something I feel EVERYONE can work on too, and this does that.”

Shira Steinberg, Employee Experience Specialist at Masterclass

“This course was Olympic level. I walked away with remarkable leadership tools to help create safety for others, and inspire more of their brilliance and effort. I feel like a ninja. Highly recommend this for any business leader who wants to build a resilient, tight-knit, and powerful team.”

Kevin Hermann, CEO of Exponential

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