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Executives across the country are facing new challenges - communicating in real-time with a remote workforce, driving productivity while balancing health concerns, leading employees who are facing unprecedented levels of burnout, stress, and anxiety.

The shift to remote work has accelerated interest in optimizing digital habits. In fact, 87% of employees are looking to their employer to help them find a better balance. This statistic is not that surprising given that, since February, there has been a 300% increase in the number of people searching for “how to get my brain to focus.”

Schedule a workshop to equip your team with research-based tools and strategies to teach, lead, and achieve greater wellness in the digital age.

Project steps

Introductory Call (45 min)
During this call, I will provide an overview of what to expect, learn about your team including any urgent organizational needs, details of your company culture, and work environment. Together, we will customize training objectives and set a date for your session!
Survey (Optional - * Recommended)
Participants will receive an optional 2-5 minute survey. This survey is optional, however highly recommended as it helps to ensure the session provides concrete, actionable solutions based on the challenges your audience is currently experiencing.
Workshop Delivery
The keynote/workshop will take place 100% online. In-person sessions are available upon request.
Recording + Bonus Materials
Your session recording will be sent along with a BONUS: a guided, tech tension body scan exercise to support employee wellbeing.

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