Primary Audience
Delivery time
5 days
Number of participants
Up to 15

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The CONNECT Remote Wellbeing Audit cover image


A human-centric assessment of your team’s current state of remote wellbeing and productivity to pinpoint the underlying challenges and aims for the future. The audit will help you identify the core areas of wellbeing, productivity challenges, and goals of your team.

Project steps

Step 1
Strategy and set-up call with the team lead (30 mins)
Step 2
Pre-Survey (CONNECT wellbeing audit) to define the program focus
Step 3
1 x Team workshop (120 mins)
Step 4
Insights, alignment, and strategy call with the team lead (60 mins)


1 x 60-min call to set-up the audit survey (project owner), 1 x 30-min to fill in Pre & Post Survey (per individual), 1 x 60-min coaching call (whole team), 1 x 60-min Survey Insights Call (project owner)

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