Primary Audiences
Group Size
Delivery Form
30 minutes async + workbook, 1 hour live session
Number of participants
10 (price depends on the number of participants)
Who is it for
All employees
  • 30 minutes async video + workbook
  • 1 hour live coaching session to interact and do Q&A

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Video calls don't have to instill anxiety and dread. Learn best practices and techniques to create meetings that actually move things forward. Get noticed by peers and leaders when you can lead a productive and collaborative virtual and hybrid meeting that creates more high-impact, collaborative, and engaged teams. Based on Lorraine's popular LinkedIn Learning course, "Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials" (10,000+ learners).

Project steps

Discovery Call
Distribute async content (~30 minutes) + workbook to team
1-hour live coaching session (combo of shared workbook responses + Q&A)

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