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48 hours
The standard coffee break takes 15 minutes (+ 5-min intro) and can be extended to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or as desired by the team.
Number of participants
15 (more participants possible on request)
Who is it for
All employees

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Let’s face it: Some of our best business ideas have come from conversations over a good cup of coffee.

Coffee breaks improve connection and engagement among team members, as they help develop a genuine bond and facilitate getting to know each other outside of work. However, this is a real challenge in a remote work setting.

When touchscreens make us lose touch, it’s time to create connections stronger than any wifi!

During our coffee meeting, we’ll play the infamously famous game “iConnect - make connections stronger than wifi”. Created for everyone who prefers smiles over likes, we make water cooler moments when there is no water cooler.

With questions in six categories like “What is your favourite ice cream flavour?” and “Who would you swap lives with for a day?”, you skip the office small talk and spark entertaining yet meaningful conversations.

Attention! Side effects after attending this workshop may include: powerful team bonds, great conversations, recognizing facial expressions like smiles, and other scary human stuff.

Project steps

Book in (specify team size and desired length).
Share a virtual coffee with your team via Zoom.
Make connections stronger than wifi.


In order to "make connections stronger than wifi", it would be much appreciated if all team members can turn on their cameras for the length of the coffee break.

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