Primary Audiences
90-min synchronic deep interview + necessary time for development and the iteration of a visual business proposition diagram (estimation: 5 hours more).
Number of participants
Up to 10
Who is it for
C-level, Founders

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Visual Value Proposition Design cover image


After a deep interview with the client, I develop a visual diagram that makes the point and communicates the business value proposition more effectively. Clarity and eloquence of visuals helps advancing through the sales funnel, in an omnichannel communication strategy.

Project steps

90-minute long interactive deep interview for understanding client's value proposition.
Elaboration of a visual diagram that will add leverage to value proposition omnichannel communication.
Validation and refinement.
Final version delivered.


Value proposition creator/s must be involved.
Tech: Computer with Internet connection, webcam, microphone, Zoom, Google Docs.

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