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2-4 weeks
120 minutes - 3 hours
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Up to 30

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Remote teams have different needs and challenges when it comes to maintaining wellbeing. Both the employer and employee need to account for this and be proactive about managing and looking after wellbeing at work.

This facilitator-led interactive workshop will show you how. Utilizing the latest scientific research and best practices from successful remote companies, we’ll explore practical approaches to creating healthy routines, managing isolation, and maintaining motivation.

Project steps

Discovery call (30 min)
We'll use this time to tailor your workshop experience to suit your needs. Topics we'll discuss will include: 1) Wellbeing goals and challenges, 2) What you're already doing to support staff wellbeing, 3) Operational context at your organisation, 4) Your culture and how your teams prefer to learn and interact with each other, 5) Anything else which is a priority for you.
Online workshop
We can schedule a workshop for between 120 minutes and 3 hours depending on your needs. Our platform can support groups of up to 200 participants.
Get access to the Haptivate resource hub
After your workshop, you'll get access to the workshop materials, recommended further reading, mindfulness audios, and other wellbeing at work resources.


1x30-min call 1x120-min to 3-hour workshop.