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  • Building trust within your team so everyone can be heard, while also keeping each other accountable for results.
  • Organizing more productive online meetings, which will result in a happy remote team.
  • Taking control of everything through Asana, OKRs, and async performance management.
  • Improving employee engagement and retention by increasing efficiency and implementing systems that include feedback.

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Pavel Cernohous, Lead Game Designer, Bali, Indonesia

Originally from Europe, I lived in Canada, Iceland, Australia and now Indonesia. Over the 20 years of my career, Livit provides one of the best recruitment services and employee journeys I have ever experienced. Support for the visa, relocation, and onboarding, Innovation Hub etc.

What Makes a Happy, Productive Remote Team? cover image


Would you like to lead your team towards being happy and productive? Are your leadership skills sufficient for sustainable business growth? Would you be surprised if we told you that the most important success factor in business today is not money, but rather happiness and wellbeing? We will give you the core tools and skills you need to create an engaged workforce in your organization! The skills we teach in this course have been proven effective in our work with multiple companies, allowing them to scale to 10, 50, 300+ team members across the globe!

Who it is for:

  • Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Team Leads
  • Managers

About the Expert

I, along with others like me, am passionate about the future of work. When we design more purposeful, sustainable businesses and lifestyles, we shape a more positive, balanced, sustainable reality. At Livit, the company I run, we support entrepreneurs, remote workers, and startup teams in building purposeful, innovative businesses, careers, and lifestyles, that fully align with this intense digitization era. My fields of expertise are new ways of working, modern leadership, remote work culture, work-life balance, sustainable entrepreneurship. My professional and personal experiences span 4 continents, 40+ countries and several different industries.

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