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At Drunk Yoga®, we’re all about connecting communities and cultivating joy through fun, interactive yoga experiences… now virtually!

So… what’s “drunk” about Drunk Yoga®? Only the way in which we “intoxicate” the convention of a traditional yoga practice by making our events social and interactive for community-building. We do this by infusing uplifting games and icebreakers into our beginner-friendly yoga classes with a beverage in-hand — often wine, sometimes juice or coffee, and always fun. We invite you to let your hair down and enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual.

Project steps

Pre-Event Part
Once you book your experience with us, one of our team members will reach out to you to confirm logistics. We’ll send you an invoice with a calendar invite that includes our Zoom link, customized Spotify playlist, virtual waiver for all participants to sign, and further instructions on how to prep for your fun yoga party!
Drunk Yoga Class
It consists of a brief happy hour — (sometimes with wine, sometimes with coffee, and always with fun!) — followed by a fun and beginner-friendly 45-minute vinyasa sequence with beverage in-hand. We add something familiar (the ritual of socializing with a beverage) to the unfamiliar (yoga) to help remove the “fear factor” when trying something new, and create a connection between all the members of the class. The aim is for everyone to find community and leave happier than they entered! *All experiences can now be offered virtually.


MUSIC: All attendees must have the provided Drunk Yoga Spotify playlist pulled up on a secondary device (i.e. phone, tablet, etc.) before class begins. *Note: attendees may need to download Spotify onto their second device. (Don’t’s free!) Please be sure to test this software/playlist before class to make sure you’re ready for all the yoga fun at the top of class! 😊
WEB CONFERENCE: All attendees must keep their Zoom video setting ‘on’ throughout the entire class. The nature of Drunk Yoga® is interactive and social. If participants choose to turn off their video during the event, it greatly affects our ability to foster an inclusive environment for all. (Thanks in advance for your understanding!)
SAFETY: ​Consuming alcohol before class is not permitted. “Drunk” is cheeky and ironic, not descriptive. We’re here to get ‘intoxicated with joy’ -- not wine. Attendees are welcome to drink wine during the class, but they may also enjoy non-alcoholic beverages instead. The function of the beverage is to foster a social, comforting, and familiar environment in which to practice uplifting yoga. Whatever beverage brings you joy is the right choice!

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