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2 weeks (depending on the availability between the client and myself)
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Up to 20

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This workshop, open to new or seasoned managers, is here to help you navigate the tricky world of management by focusing on motivations. The key to successfully managing employees (whether you have two or 20) is to find out what motivates each and every one of them to keep them moving in the right direction. This can be especially difficult with remote teams, but don’t worry, this workshop will help you get there. We'll go over: why it’s important to identify motivations, what types of motivations are out there, how to identify what motivates your employees, what you’ll be able to do once you know, and how to keep & cultivate a motivated team.

Project steps

Discovery call (30 mins)
We will go over the details of the workshop and your team's current challenges with managing remotely. We will also use this time to plan when the workshop should happen.
Pre-workshop prep
Within two days of the workshop, your managers will be prompted with two questions to think through prior to the workshop around motivations.
The workshop will take place at the agreed upon time 100% online, using Zoom (or the client's preferred method).
Post-workshop follow up
Your managers will receive a document with key takeaways from the workshop.

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