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Boldly Unbounded Leadership Lab

# You Can Feel Differently Most ambitious female leaders feel like they've achieved success—the job title, money, and love. But deep down they feel fear, doubt, and stress. Hello, chronic burnout. It's because we've all been sold a story...that when you're a successful, ambitious female leader, burnout is a part of it. This story will keep you going until you burn out completely or succumb to a hollow existence, living on autopilot. It doesn't have to be that way. I believe you can step into your unique Personal Power and lead confidently—without the burnout. # Imagine Living and Leading with... 1. **Calm Clarity.** You deliver impact and results by coming from a place of choice. It’s rooted in neurophysiology paired with team success frameworks. 2. **Confidence.** You take up space and embody integrity. You're in alignment with your purpose, values, and goals at personal, team, and company levels. 3. **Connection.** You create space for compassionate connection with yourself and others to bring out the best in your life, your team, and company. # Step into Your Unique Personal Power and Lead You're not in this alone. I'm here to guide and coach you. And you'll be a part of a community with other ambitious female leaders for support, to learn from, and grow with, in a safe space. The lab is intentionally a maximum of 10 female leaders so you can build meaningful relationships with everyone. It's a 6-month container, that includes: - Monthly 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Session per month (60 min) - 2x group Unbounding Sessions per month (60 min) - Online course to guide your Personal Power transformation - Remote, async-first leadership resources and templates - Slack text support, both private and group (Monday-Friday) See the [Boldly Unbounded Leadership Lab]( page for full details.