Career Accelerator Program
Cycle month
First live session
4th of February, 2022, 11 AM - 12 PM UK time
Second live session
25th of February, 2022, 11 AM - 12 PM UK time
Topics Covered
  • Tailor your CV and Cover Letter highlighting all skills including remote job skills
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in resumes and cover letters
  • All about LinkedIn - what it is and what it is not, as well as what makes it so powerful in your job search
  • The critical steps to update your profile and turn it into a magnet for recruiters
  • Preparation for a remote job interview

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The Career Accelerator Program is designed to help you build a remote job search system that can help you get hired and do what you love. The program aims to provide you with tools and resources for different stages of your remote job search in a structured way to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

At the end of each session, participants will be given assessments that won’t take more than 90 mins to complete which needs to be submitted before the following week’s session. You will also be assigned accountability partner to make sure you get feedback from your peers and enables you to reinforce your goals during the learning cycle. You can reach out to your coach in between sessions in case of any doubts.

Session 1: Career Documents – CV, Cover letter

With a proactive job search strategy in place, you increase your chances of finding a job much quicker. The aim of this session is to guide you on how you can beat the competitive market, it’s crucial to decipher a remote job description, tailor your remote CV and cover letter to rise above the hundreds of other job applicants applying for the same role.

Session 2: LinkedIn, Networking & Interviews

An engaging LinkedIn profile allows you to create an online professional brand which can help open doors to opportunities and network that could help you land your next fulfilling remote job. Besides learning all about LinkedIn, in an age when most activities are carried out online, it's crucial to leverage the online community and get ahead of your competition through a well-planned networking strategy.

When it comes to landing a job, it's all about your interviewing skills. What is said in the interview is part of the equation, but your presentation, body language, and other factors can often mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams and missing out.

This session is designed to optimize your LinkedIn profile and land opportunities through your network and help you answer common behavioural interview questions with the right techniques that will help build your confidence

About the Expert

For the last decade, Fareen pursued her passion for people as a Human Resource consultant, talent hunter, and career advisor. She is driven by her desire to help others discover, and ultimately do what they love. She has worked with international organizations to develop their hiring processes, design job descriptions, review resumes of applicants, and screen them for their culture/values.

Throughout her career, she has been approached by several great candidates who applied for opportunities but never heard back. Her team often overlooked these candidates because their career documents weren't tailored to match the job descriptions or fell short on their interviewing skills.

As a career coach specialising with remote work, her aim is to help foster your independence and guide you towards confidence in your decisions, documentation, and demeanour. Her expertise lies in coaching professionals on job search strategy, resumes, LinkedIn profiles, networking, and interviewing skills


Before working with Fareen, the major challenge in my remote job search was not about what needed to be done but necessarily how it needed to be done. That’s where Fareen’s input was the most valuable! One of the topics we worked on extensively was LinkedIn, with my new profile, I’ve received more interest from my network, and have a drastic increase in my engagement levels. Fareen as a coach has been awesome, starting with asking the right questions, check-ins on a regular basis, a well designed job search program – she brings in lot of experience and the right expertise.

Ute Haug – Sales & Account Manager at Thomas Daily

There was a lot of great advice given by Fareen but the three that stood out to me were - It is ok to look a bit rehearsed for your introductory answer, as there would be many questions that one may not be prepared for making. Thus, making it a perfect mix of "known knowns and unknown knowns". One of the questions I often struggle with is “What is your weakness” and I learned that it’s better to underline a skill along with your improvement plan and lastly that LinkedIn is not only a job platform but a great place to network with like-minded professionals and industry leaders. The sessions have been so concise that I felt heard and knowledgeable.

Kritika Roy - Threat Researcher at DCSO GmbH

The Career Accelerator Program I took with Fareen brought my general application skills and confidence to the next level. She explains every aspect of the job search and application process in a concise manner and provides great general advice. I also enjoyed her responsiveness and tailored feedback on my current situation. Thanks to this workshop, I could better my resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and interviewing skills dramatically. I now feel perfectly prepared to apply for and get the position I aspire to as a young professional.

Remy Weber - Project Manager at Global Solutions Initiative

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