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Adrianti Varadina, Architect

Agnes was one of our mentors in the Project Management Course. She has broad knowledge, her lecture and practical knowledge are so insightful. She understands my worry very well and keeps encouraging me to not be afraid to step further in my career while giving some practical advice for me to consider. It was a fun session, she is the true mentor figure. Looking forward to another session with her!

Clare Harrison, Founder of

Agnes is a natural problem solver with a diverse range of skills. She's incredibly knowledgeable on a range of topics including startup recruitment, business development, and sales. Agnes has run workshops for our students and is one of the top-performing instructors.

Rune Ørndrup, Chief Financial Officer & CoFounder at CathVision

In CathVision Livit and Agnes have supported our recruitment for now 6 months. In that time we have recruited several low to senior-level software developers and Other staff functions. Agnes and Livit have provided top-end services and enabled CathVision to grow our team as fast as possible. I am happy to work with Agnes and the Team as an integrated part of CathVision people and recruitment.