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Jennifer Dennis, Human Resources Coordinator at Red Deer County

Dawn, Thank you again for providing an extremely beneficial workshop yesterday. I loved all the “ah-ha” moments and squeals of excitement as you showed the group so many effective time management strategies. I have already started implementing many that you demonstrated.

Kathy Kimpton, CEO Women Building Futures

There is time management training - traditional style - and then there is productivity training – Dawn style. In my mind, the difference is critical and is likely what contributed to my success. Traditional time management, which I have attempted with little success, addresses only short term solutions and fails to identify the real reasons for mismanagement. Productivity training with Dawn focuses on the importance of eliminating distractions, prioritizing, decision making, and developing customized and transferable skills that lead to the desired output of better managed time. This is akin to a quick weight loss approach versus a lifestyle change. I have attended many professional development session before and this is clearly one of the best.

Linda Graebner, Women Presidents’ Organization

Dawn, you were the highest rated speaker of the event and all positive feedback from the evaluation.

Dustin Ross, Team Leader at Corporate Traveller Bridgeview

Hi Dawn,

I really enjoyed the webinar yesterday and put it immediately to use. Looking at my inbox now makes me less stressed and I am taking time to work out of my action box. I have also removed the message alerts so I am no longer distracted. This is life changing for me as 80-90% of my enquiries are from e-mail so it was amazing to go home yesterday with nothing in my inbox.