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Linzee Ciprani, Ciprani Consulting

Hired Jim to speak at my annual company retreat. He spoke about working in a flow state and how to achieve it. It was extremely powerful and engaging ... such an amazing experience. I highly recommend anything Jim does

Nick - Founder Contact Coffee Ltd.

Jim worked with us to nail down what our gifts are and how to work to our strengths which proved very quickly to have massive benefits. We were doing OK but we had massive gaps in knowledge and we were basically “YES Men”. Jim got us to focus on what we’re good at and align our goals.In 12 months we have quadrupled our sales with the help of Jim (no bullshit) and we have cut away any distractions.

Sam - Founder Stoic Conditioning

Jim was instrumental in helping us refine our brand and distill our why. He kept us focused and accountable throughout our journey to launch. Offering clear and concise input, helping us realise where we as individuals gave the most value and where outsourcing would relieve us of unseen ties, all whilst forming a solid friendship with a cool dude.