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Remote Bucket List Workshop
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Delivery time
72 hours
The "inspirational" workshop is 75 minutes long, the "motivational" workshop takes 2.5 hours, and the "transformational" extended coaching program lasts 12 hours (divided as desired by the team).
Number of participants
70 (more participants possible on request)
Who is it for
All employees
  • 75-min / 2.5-hour / 12-hour online workshop for up to 50(+) people.
  • Recording of the workshop.
  • Printable Bucket List board provided.
  • Virtual workbook provided.

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It’s time to put your daily to-do list aside and focus on your team’s Bucket List. Within an hour of power, you and your team will learn how to create and take action on your holistic 12-step Bucket List for a life with more purpose, meaning, and fulfilment - inside & outside the workplace. Encouraging your employees to dream together about their individual goals and dreams is a powerful way to engage staff, create stronger teams, and encourage a positive corporate culture across borders.

Project steps

Virtual Coffee Meeting (30-min)
During our virtual coffee meeting, we will discuss the details of the workshop (team size, length of the program, date & time, expectations, current team challenges).
Interactive Bucket List
Workshop with the team 100% delivered via Zoom.
Follow-Up Call
One month after the workshop, we'll do an (optional) accountability call with the team to review their progress and discuss possible challenges.

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