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The CONNECT Coaching Program
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$9000 per team member
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10 days
  • Insights document with the Pre- & Post-Survey results and recommendations

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The CONNECT Program takes your employees through individual and team coaching sessions to help them optimise their remote wellbeing and productivity. At the end of the program, the whole team is brought together to align and create a remote/hybrid culture agreement to maximise the team's potential. By offering your employees and managers the chance to become aware and adapt their remote/hybrid realities to fit their needs, you're investing in the long term success of your team.

Project steps

Step 1
Strategy and set-up call with the team lead (30 mins)
Step 2
Pre-Survey (CONNECT wellbeing audit) to define the program focus
Step 3
Insights & alignment call with the team lead (60 mins)
Step 4
7 x individual coaching sessions (90 mins) per individual in the team (incl. team members and the team lead) + inbetween session assignments
Step 5
1 x team coaching session (120 mins) to align and create a plan and an agreement for next steps
Step 6
Post-Survey to measure the impact and alignment in the team
Step 7
Insights & next steps call with the team lead (60 mins)


1 x 30min strategy call (project owner), 2 x 60min survey insights calls (project owner), 2 x 30min slots to fill in Pre & Post Survey (per individual), 7 x 90min coaching call (per individual), 1 x 120min team coaching call (whole team)

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