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Virtual Teambuilding: Online Escape Room Competition
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$360 (up to 10 players). The price depends on the number of participants, we can handle events up to 500 people. Please contact us for more details.
Delivery time
7 days
90 minutes
  • Final ranking of the game
  • Pictures of the teams (depends on the chosen game)

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Online Escape Room Competitions are a live virtual event where participants are split into teams and compete to solve an escape room game. While teammates are playing on our web platform, they are connected among them through video calls. During the activity, a team of Game Masters will present the activity and support players. Our activities last around an hour and a half and are aimed at groups from 5 to 500 people. And they can be done both in English and Spanish. Free demos available. Get in contact to book yours! Booking Once, we have scheduled the Escape Room event we'll work on the preparations and requirements.

Project steps

Discovery Call and Demo
Let's meet and talk about your event! We'll present you our activities and prepare a specific proposal for your petition.
Once we have scheduled the Escape Room event we'll work on the preparations and requirements.
Live Event - Briefing
At the scheduled time, participants will meet the Game Master in a videocall, where he/she will brief the activity for everyone. After everybody is ready, participants will be split into teams and the game will start.
Live Event - Game
Players will face a series of challenges designed to put their teamwork abilities to the test. Throughout the game, teams can see a real-time ranking of the competition and can request help of the Game Masters if needed.
Live Event - Closure
Once all teams have finished the game, the event is closed by announcing the winners and letting teams share their experiences with the rest of the participants.


1) Date and time for the event 2) List of participants and teams split 3) Choosing one of our escape experiences 4) [Optional] A video call system (Teams, Meet, Zoom...)