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What have you enjoyed the most as an icebreaker or check-out activity in either your own workshops or when attending meetings?

Rachel Davis
9 months ago

Well I've got a whole list of these 🤗 Here's some to start!

I call them ice melters! The following are specifically designed for helping minds warm up creatively , great ones for leading into an ideation session.

➡️ Name that Thing - Find our more HERE. (Miroverse template coming soon!)

➡️ 30 Circles - More about this one HERE.

Here's some lightweight ones that I really like.

➡️ This or That - Check out the templates I have for this on Miroverse.

This or That - Alien Style

This or That - Astronaut Style

These are a little cheeky with custom graphics, but you can always simplify.

There's a start more to come soon! 🙌

Mark Edgar
9 months ago

I often find a simple question works well for check-in ... here are some of my go to's:

What is your go to move when you feel uncomfortable?

What is a lie you tell yourself?

What needs to be ending in 2022?

What brings you energy?

What would you like to spend less time doing?

What is the best music concert you’ve attended? Credit to Ted Lasso

What secret do you wish you had? Eg an inventor

What would be your act in the circus?

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