Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

We hope you find a lot of value in sharing with your peers. Here are a few questions for you to get to know each other:

1. Tell us about yourself? (e.g. where are you from and what do you do?)

2. What is your favourite place to work from (and why)?

3. What knowledge or expertise could you share with your peers?

4. What are you most looking forward to at the Remote-First Institute?

5. What do you most enjoy in your life right now?

6. Link to your Linkedin (+ other relevant profiles)

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Remote-First Institute
9 months ago

Anthony Boudreau
9 months ago

Hey everyone! Nice to meet all of you; I'm Anthony, and I'm originally from Montreal, Canada, but I've been living all around Europe as a digital nomad for over a year now. I work as a Customer Success Manager for a remote-first company, and I love having the flexibility to travel and work simultaneously.

My favourite place to work is anywhere with a good view, but most importantly... a comfortable seat! I've worked in some beautiful places like cafes and sunny rooftops. But at the end of the day, it's all about finding a place where you can be productive and comfortable, and for me, that's home (my rental Airbnb, should I say).

I have a lot of knowledge and experience to share in building high-performance habits and customer success/customer success management best practices. I'm also happy to chat about anything related to travel or life as a digital nomad!

The idea of being able to join a community of people who are passionate about remote work and learning from our experiences all together is very appealing to me. I sometimes joke about the fact that I am addicted to learning 😅

Last but not least, I'm really enjoying my life right now because I feel like I am living my best life! I get to travel, work, and learn new things every day. What more could I ask for more? Or, as I always say: "I really can't complain!"

You can find me on LinkedIn at

Adit Trivedi
8 months ago

Hello everyone, really excited to be part of a community focused on all things remote 🎉 🎉 🎉.

I go by the name of Adit Trivedi and have been obsessed with startups since university. After I graduated, I co-founded Lingumi (grew to 75 people globally around the world where we taught 15mn English lessons by the time I left) and after 6.5 intense years, decided to leave to start my new venture Rayday where we are helping remote-first organisations build their single source of truth directly in Slack. We've been working with some amazing remote-first organisations and am excited to see what the future holds for us.

My favourite place to work is in my room with the door closed and music blasting through my speakers (whether that be classical, techno or good old greazy hip hop). I love working from home because it means I can build a great work schedule around my life and times I'm productive. I go to the gym everyday at 12pm and typically work early mornings and early evening (my slump comes between 2pm and 4/5pm).

I've been building and mentoring startups since I was 22 (now 29) and so am happy to help in any areas remote, company building, customers, pmf, etc.

I'm looking forward to connecting and networking with other remote-first individuals who believe that productivity isn't based in an office or 9-5 schedule, but by understanding yourself and what works for you.

I love everything in my life at the minute, getting married to the girl of my dreams next year, first startup doing well and I'll be selling some shares next year if growth continues, current startup is going well, being consistent with gym and muay thai and my relationship with my family/friends is at an all time high. However as with anything, this comes in ebbs and flows.



Tuan St Patrick
8 months ago

👋🏾 Hello Remote-First Institute Community,

Improved hiring efficiency and employee retention for over a decade in companies of all sizes and across industries. As a leader in the field, I have developed and implemented talent acquisition strategies that have assisted Fortune 500 businesses in attracting and retaining top talent. Let me know if the people operations division at your company has any challenges and what you've done to overcome them.

The hybrid workspace has was satisfied both my professional and personal needs. 

I have extensive experience as a leader in the fields of human resources and global talent acquisition in multinational corporations across the United States and internationally. My experience spans both domestic and international talent acquisition and human resources management for Fortune 500 firms, where I served as a HR Practitioner. 

I'm excited to be a part of The Remote-First Institute's online group of virtual professionals.

Every day, I work from home to connect the dots and unearth data-driven approaches to challenges faced by established businesses and fledgling startups alike.

While I welcome the opportunity to connect with you on LinkedIn, The Remote-First Institute is where I am most excited in developing my professional network!

Rachel Davis
8 months agoEdited 8 months ago

Hi everyone! So happy to be here.

Hello. I'm Rachel a Facilitator and Workshop Experience Designer 🙌 (Roles for facilitators have all sorts of names and descriptions 😉 Interested in what other facilitators call themselves check out my thread here)

I have about 18 years experience across design thinking, brand and creative strategy, workshop creation, and facilitation.

Things I love:

📚 Reading and I probably have way too many books on my reading list right now; don’t ever hesitate to ask for a book recommendation.

🐶 My two pups—Fezzik (a 130 lb Shepard Mastiff) and Missy (a German Shepard)

Fun Fact:

⚙️ We turned our guest room into a Makerspace — we realized we had more hobbies than friends lol

Where I Work Best. I really have designed my home office to be my happy place. Work happens here, and hobbies happen in our Makerspace, so there's a bit of separation. My home office truly represents me, from my purple iMac to the tons of books and card decks with creativity and facilitation techniques, with a Peter Lik photo behind me of a sunset on the water, and bookshelves my husband made for me — its just me. I'm also a fan of working from a coffee shop when I have something to do like writing. My husband and I usually do this together on Saturdays or Sundays.

What I Can Share. Well I certainly am a design thinking, Miro, and facilitation nerd. In particular I run a Miro Community Group about Designing Experiences in Miro - so if you have any Miro questions throw them at me! I am also part of the Core Community team over at Butter so if you have questions about Butter ;) send those my way too! Overall anything you might want to know about creativity or engagement in workshops or how to create those immersive experiences, I would love to chat about (for ever and ever)

Looking Forward To. The connections. Knowledge is only power when shared. Meeting new people and learning new approaches and methods is so interesting to me. I find inspiration every where to weave into my own work, and am hoping I can share some of that inspiration back to others.

This Brings Me Joy. I really love being able to spend time with my husband and pups. My husband and I are currently launching a YouTube channel, so being able to research and set up our own YouTube studio here in our house (our Guest room we turned into a Makerspace) is SO MUCH FUN! We hope to launch our first videos in the next month.

Connect With Me.

On LinkedIn

On Polywork

Magdalena Kolasa
3 months ago


My name is Magdalena Kolasa and I am the HR Quality Assurance Manager. My main task is the standardisation of processes and also their optimisation. I am keen on the topics of Lean Management and Kaizen.

I live in Krakow, but I like working from Gdansk the most. I love beautiful places and access to the beach all year round!

I can share my knowledge in the area of HR, recruitment, standardisation and process management as well as Lean and Kaizen.

Among the Remote - First Institue community, I am looking to share my knowledge and experience in the area of remote working, efficiency and task management.

Check my LinkedIN:

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