Virtual training

that drives engagement

Provide your employees with a modern, educational perk:

✔️ A monthly selection of live workshops and webinars
✔️ Virtual training that meets individual schedule
✔️ A unique learning format

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Educational Perks Are Broken

→ Many of your employees don’t take advantage of self-paced learning platforms that they’re given access to
→ The number of programs is overwhelming
→ Self-paced content is not engaging

And We Are Great at Fixing It!

Engaging Format

All virtual sessions are live & interactive.

1-skill, 1-hour

Focus on mastering one skill at a time.

Fedback Session

To discuss use of the skill in daily life.

Short & Sweet

Easy to fit into a daily schedule.

Powerful Community

Helps your employees grow.

The greatest virtual training, predefined or tailor-made.

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