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Localizing and Managing L&D for International Teams Is Challenging.

Even though most of your employees understand English, learning in your native language is a different ball game. It increases engagement and the overall understanding of the content and further adoption of the know-how with day-to-day operations.

For Learning & Development teams, it’s not an easy job to make it happen. They are forced to do research in different countries, validate content in a foreign language, and what’s a real pain - sign contracts with plenty of companies all over the world. And manage these relationships moving forward!

Or... you can use Remote-how!

Any Language, Any Country,
All Needs Covered.

With Remote-how, we make your operations seamless when organizing virtual training sessions for global teams.

1. Let us know about your learning needs.

2. Sign one contract with a single vendor: Remote-how.

3. Get access to requested services.

4. Ongoing: Request any service, any time, or use our Catalog
with pre-defined services.

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