Different virtual training sessions,

a single process for all.

We help companies seamlessly organize virtual training by minimizing operational hassle. How do we help?

✔️ Researching providers matching your needs
✔️ Vetting the content
✔️ Onboarding and ongoing ops management

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Operational Hassle

The process of how companies buy virtual training services (workshops, webinars etc.) is broken.

  • Time-consuming
  • Manual vetting
  • Complicated onboarding

Let us Make Your Life Easier

Remote-how is international virtual training, and micro-consulting enterprise marketplace.

Our platform offers access to: workshops, webinars, learning cycles, cohort-based courses, mentoring circles, 1:1 coaching, and more.

As our Client, you will get access to more than 150 services and 220 experts and service providers.

What’s more, you can request any type of virtual training, and we will find the best training provider and onboard them on our platform.
This way, you always have a single process to order a virtual training.

One process.
One contract.
One vendor.
One payee.

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