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Melissa’s remote hiring strategy consultation is designed to create a full hiring cycle that matches your company culture.

Project steps

45-min consultation call
We will go over the current challenges you are facing when it comes to remote hiring and identify the areas that don’t match your company's culture. We will also create a system that will match your company culture to attract the right candidates and deter the wrong candidates from applying.
Within 24 hours of the consultation
Written system for you and your team to implement.
Working with me further
You may request a proposal for me to work with your team to get the strategy implemented within a 90-day time frame.
Serving/training for master interviewing
Many of my clients hire me to serve as the master interviewer for the first round of candidates. This helps ensure candidates aren’t waiting too long to start the process, as well as ensure the first interview is not with a person too senior in the company. Additionally, I can train current junior staff on how to interview.

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