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Welcome to Remote-how. A virtual coworking space full of ambitious remote professionals that will help you think bigger, work smarter, and get sh*t done.

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Level up with facilitated deep working sessions and themed coffee breaks hosted every day!


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Every brilliant mind deserves time to rest. Heal your mind and body with our wellbeing and workout sessions.


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Sit in the front row of our online meetups with successful entrepreneurs, managers, and more!

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“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Connect

Your Plans vs. 2020?

We’ve got a message for you!

Let’s Start With Why

You Deserve An Ambitious Community

People you meet and interact daily with have an enormous impact on you. Make sure you meet the right people through our virtual community. This is a home for those that want to level up, change things, experiment, achieve their goals, and grow together.

You Deserve To Learn From The Best

Gain access to workshops and skillshares with some of the brightest minds of our generation. Learn firsthand about their successes and failures, and fast-track your projects in your personal or professional life. You got this!

You Deserve More “Me Time”

Step into your digital oasis and learn how to effectively rest and recharge with our wellbeing and workout sessions. Set aside time for learning new skills with us, or just go through our curated newsletter for busy minds, like yours.

How Does It Work?

Start With Your Application

Sign up to become a member of Remote-how. Once your application is approved and your payment goes through you are officially a member!

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Let’s Start The Party

Join our virtual coworking onboarding tour and learn more about our space, forum, and online meetings scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

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Remote-how Members

700+ people from 34 countries from companies like...

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Fireside Chat with Kieran Flanagan

VP Marketing at Hubspot

AMA Session with Barbie Brewer

Chief People Officer at LoveToKnowMedia (ex. Netflix, GitLab)

Communication Workshop with Rebecca Corliss

VP Marketing at OWL Labs (ex. Hubspot)

Included in Every Membership

Facilitated Deep
Work Sessions

Themed Video
Coffee Breaks

Wellbeing And
Workout Sessions

Live Workshops
And Skillshares

Chat With Our
Powerful Community

Offers And Perks
From Partners

Curated Bi-Weekly
Newsletter & Playlists

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What are you paying for?

We’re pre-vetting all members of our community with a short application. This way, we’remaking sure only commited professionals join our space.

Once you’re in the space, we manually onboard you to make sure you’re 100% confident in how to navigate our platform. You have 14 days to complete your profile, or you will be removed from the space.

We’re not an advertiser and we don’t intend to become one. We’re not selling our space nor data of our members to any third parties. You’re safe with us!

Special Members

Photo of Chloe Oddleifson
Chloe Oddleifson

Director of Operations at Dribbble

Photo of Hung Lee
Hung Lee

Curator at Recruiting Brainfood, CEO & Co-Founder at

Photo of Lorraine Lee
Lorraine Lee

Managing Editor at Prezi

Photo of Shiran Yaroslavsky
Shiran Yaroslavsky

Forbes 30under30, Co-Founder & CEO at Cassiopeia

Photo of John Healy
John Healy

Vice President & Managing Director, Office of the Future of Work at Kelly

Photo of Ali Greene
Ali Greene

Remote Work Advocate, Founder at

Photo of Danny Page
Danny Page

Operating Partner at Enduring Ventures, Chief Operating Officer at UpCounsel

Photo of Nadia Harris
Nadia Harris

Founder at

Photo of Lech Guzowski
Lech Guzowski

Founder, Podcast Host & Producer at Human PM

Photo of John Mannes
John Mannes

Host of Future Proof, Investor at Basis Set Ventures

Photo of York Scheunemann
York Scheunemann

Head of Engagement EMEA, Customer Programmes at Google

Photo of Soumyasanto Sen
Soumyasanto Sen

Founder & Future of Work Strategist at People Conscience

Photo of Chase Warrington
Chase Warrington

Head of Business Development at Doist

Photo of Darcy Peters
Darcy Peters

Customer Engagement Lead at Buffer

Photo of McKendree Hickory
McKendree Hickory

Leadership Trainer at InVision

Photo of Itai Sanders
Itai Sanders

Director Of Engineering at Morphisec

Photo of Rae Wright Ingram
Rae Wright Ingram

Manager at ActBlue

Photo of Kavi Guppta
Kavi Guppta

Driver: Culture & Development at Strategyzer

Photo of Barbie Brewer
Barbie Brewer

Former Vice President, Talent (HR) at Netflix

Photo of Wout Hermans
Wout Hermans

Senior Enterprise Transformation Manager & Team Manager at MURAL

Photo of Jennifer Farris
Jennifer Farris

Chief People Officer at Terminal

Photo of Leah Ryder
Leah Ryder

Trello Brand & Content Marketing Lead at Atlassian

Photo of Paul Estes
Paul Estes

Editor In Chief at Staffing

Photo of Paul Rios
Paul Rios

Country Director, Brazil and Director of Sales at HubSpot

Photo of Mareike Popp
Mareike Popp

Co-Founder at Kalipso Labs

Photo of Sacha Connor
Sacha Connor

Founder and CEO at Virtual Work Insider

Photo of Hassan Osman
Hassan Osman

PMO Director at Cisco

Photo of Murray Newlands
Murray Newlands

Marketing at Vectice

Photo of Becca Van Nederynen
Becca Van Nederynen

Head of People Operations at Help Scout


Dream Big. C’mon!

Our virtual coworking space and community is a home for all the ambitious doers out there. I’m Magda, and just like you, I love being productive and having inspiring people I can reach out to when needed.

If you have any feedback or want to learn more about Remote-how, I’m just one message away!

Shoot me an email

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual coworking is an online space where you can collaborate or work alongside your virtual peers, without a need to physically be in the same place. It gives you a sense of community, a discussion space, virtual events, and even deep work sessions.

In many ways, a virtual coworking space seems like a natural progression from working from home. You don’t have the disruptions of physically working in a shared space and instead, you can enjoy all the benefits of coworking!

We get it, you are a bit hesitant. Perhaps you’re already a member of a few online groups or Slack channels, and you don’t see how this can benefit you in a different way. Let us walk you through it.

We’ll show you how to work smarter. By hacking your brain chemistry with our deep work sessions, we will make sure you build behavioral triggers that will boost your productivity and make sure you get things done. After you join one of our sessions, you’ll wonder how you ever worked before.

After this, we’ll make sure you expand your horizons. Through our themed coffee breaks and community events, you’ll be able to learn from the brightest minds in business, technology, activism, creativity, and more! Our team hand-picks all the guests and makes sure these meetings look nothing like your typical webinar.

We know that, busy people often forget to rest. We’ll teach you how to recharge your batteries with our wellbeing and workout sessions. Heal your mind and body to stay on top of your to-do-list and all your open projects. Our team will make sure that these sessions are available to you, even if you can’t join live.

So what’s the cherry on top? You’ll get to meet, network, and chat with other great minds, just like you. We pre-vet all members in our space, so we can ensure that there are no fake profiles or advertisers. Through our groups and discussion threads, you will be able to quickly find your own tribe. Marketers? Sales reps? Founders? Filter the discussion to get into the right space for you.

So you’ve made the decision to join, great!

Now head to our simple form that allows you to sign up for membership to our virtual coworking community. Once your payment goes through and we approve your application, you are officially a member! Welcome on board.

The first thing you need to do is join our online onboarding session and learn how to navigate through our virtual coworking space, how to join different sessions, and w the calendar of events for the upcoming weeks. Within no time, you’ll feel like home!

You’re in. Now it’s up to you how often you’ll log into the Remote-how virtual coworking space, and how many workshops, skillshares, or sessions you’ll join. We’ll make sure you know about them in time and get all the highlights from the community. The decision on whether to participate is completely up to you.

  • Facilitated deep work sessions
  • Themed video coffee breaks
  • Wellbeing and workout sessions
  • Live Workshops and Skillshares
  • Community chat
  • Offers and perks from partners
  • Curated bi-weekly newsletters & playlists

Sign up. Join community events and facilitated deep work sessions. Chat with other members. Take daily actions towards improving your productivity and expanding your network. Community is a practice, but we’re certain you will benefit from it if you invest a little bit of time.

We’ve been building a community of remote professionals for our certification programs since 2019 and we’re confident that this will be the most engaging, informative, and innovative virtual coworking experience that you’ll find anywhere. Worst case scenario? If you don’t see results for yourself within 30 days, you can always cancel your membership. Go ahead, give it a try and sign up now.

Do you want to join with your team? That’s great! To get a customized offer, please contact us at We’d be happy to give you a bulk discount for your whole crew.

To cancel your membership, please contact us at We will cancel it within 3 working days from the date you request.

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