Emily Hatton
1 year ago

Any suggestions for more meaningful icebreakers/get to you know style exercises? Ideally 15-30 minute ones

Rachel Davis
1 year ago

Here's an absolute fabulous resource that recently came out from Butter - It has 42 Ice Breakers some of which I haven't tried before!

My friend Ben also has this great site - https://remotefriendlyicebreakers.com/

What is your desired outcome and I can help you with more tailored suggestions. I would ask yourself these questions. These definitely affect what type of activity you choose.

➡️ What is the relationship already of the participants to each other, have they never met? Did they meet async first? Are they a team and know each other? How well do they know each other?

➡️ What is your desired outcome? team building? Teach a new technique (like creative problem solving or problem framing)? Set up a space for creative thinking or brainstorming?

Tess Dixon
1 year ago

I like some of the templates on Miroverse: https://miro.com/miroverse/icebreakers-and-games/

Another thing that has zero setup time and 100% success rate at creating laughter immediately is just having people take turns sharing their screens and doing Google's "Quick, Draw" game.

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