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As a remote pioneer, I use and explore a quiver of remote tools. There are hundreds more on the horizon as remote work continues to become the chosen way of working. I will help you understand how to make your tool stand out amongst the masses, and how to leverage your clients core values at the heart of your product. My main focus is on the cultural impact of your tool married with the importance of teammate connection and engagement - i.e. - I want to help you see where you can deliver "magical moments" to your clients through your product or product idea as you create value for your customers.

Project steps

30-minute discovery call
We will go over your product together so I can best understand your pain points and desired outcomes.
60-minute product deep dive
This is conducted on my own – either with a permitted demo account or simply reviewing your offerings where I will dive into your suggested pain points – I will also be on the lookout for “magic moments” where you can utilize your clients core values and culture to drive intrinsic connection to your product.
60-minute product sync
We will have a call together to go over my findings and plan next steps of ideation/development.
Follow up email
I will follow up my research and our discussions via email inclusive of a “Magic Moments” 1-sheeter.

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