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Leadership Mastermind: Culture and Remote Design
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$600 per hour
1 day - 2 weeks
  • A fully designed remote culture with employee input and buy-in
  • Long term plan

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Chris will work directly with the CEO and/or the senior team to design and construct the right strategic approach to any remote work environment. The culture must be well identified and intentional, with norms and values in place to support the unique needs of any remote workforce.

Project steps

Step 1
This can be conducted as several meetings, or one large 1-2 day event. Understanding the current environment, strategic plan, leadership, and employee context is key.
Step 2
Dream, design, and deliver! Over the course of several meetings or a longer virtual or in person meeting, we'll deep dive into where the company wants to be will, and the processes put in place to support the expected growth and success.
Step 3
Implement, test, ensure buy in, and pivot as needed.
Step 4
Final meeting to reflect and adjust where needed.


The CEO must be involved, but can include the senior team.

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