Primary Audiences
Anyone β€’ Leaders β€’ Individuals
Group Size
Delivery Form
2 hours plus preparation, individual tasks and follow-up.
Who is it for
All employees

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Self-awareness is the basis for any transformation – of ourselves and the people and systems around us. As we understand ourselves better, we can optimize our resources to create a flourishing life.

In this workshop, we will go through the innerOS framework to develop a personal development plan that will help you become a more efficient and more impactful remote worker.

The innerOS is a map to help you understand what it takes for you to do your best work, how you can communicate and collaborate most effectively, how to create life balance when working remotely, and how to lead others in distributed settings.

Project steps

Intention setting (30-min).
InnerOS Exercise (60-90 minutes of your time).
1:1 Workshop - understanding how you can tap into your full potential as a remote worker and leader.
In this workshop we will create your Personal Development Plan (2 hours).
Follow-up call to ensure you have all you need to implement the tasks you set for yourself (30 min).


Openness to examine and transform yourself, about 1-2 hours of time to do individual reflection before the workshop, time, effort, patience, perseverance, and courage to implement the personal development plan after our workshop, willingness to take full responsibility for your life and actions.

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