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2 weeks (Enabling team to complete profiling assessment and organise each call)
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up to 10

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This workshop will help you unlock the potential within your team by deeply understanding and connecting with their gifts, talents and beliefs. Both self awareness and team awareness will be significantly improved leading to greater empathy, deeper levels of trust, more effective communication, and higher performance.

Project steps

Initial Connection Call (15 minutes)
A brief chat to introduce each other, clarify objectives, talk through the workshop and set expectations.
Phase 1 - Find Your Flow (90 mins, Zoom)
Group intensive debriefing results from profiling test and clarifying the gifts, strengths and communication styles of you and your team. Each team member will learn how to get the best out of themselves, and each other.
Phase 2 - Create Your Flow (90 mins, Zoom)
Group intensive discussing specific strategies to position your team according to the findings from Phase 1. Who should be in which seat? Could small tweaks be made to an existing role to put someone more in their flow?
Phase 3 - Workshop Debrief (30 mins, Zoom)
Once the dust has settled, I reconnect with leadership to clarify any points and assess progress.


The highest level of your organization must to participate and be fully bought into the process. Maximum team size is 10. Transformation occurs through open and honest conversation, full commitment from everyone is therefore essential. This workshop includes a profiling assessment. Each participant must complete this before Phase 1.

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