About Remote-how

Platform powered by and built for a global community of leaders of distributed teams.

Think of it as an online campus, where you get to meet and grow with top remote managers from all around the world.

Every skilling program offered by Remote-how is prepared and delivered by industry experts working for companies like InVision, Buffer or Doist.

Our Mission

We want to enable the growth of remote work through skilling and connecting leaders of distributed teams.

Our Team

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Iwo Szapar

Co-founder & CEO

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Magda Sowierszenko

Co-founder & CMO

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Marek Grygier

Co-founder & COO

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Aleksandra Wnuk


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Dominik Serafin


Our Story


Founded in 2017, Remote-how has been educating the market about remote work.

We took off with organizing The Remote Future Summit, which turned out to be the biggest virtual conference on remote work and our signature event.


Based on the feedback from thousands of Summit participants from 124 countries we were told to help create global standards in remote work, allowing both individuals and companies to embrace remote work in a digital environment.


The result was our educational platform Remote-how Academy, which we continuously develop by adding new features or certification Programs.

We’re proud to front-run remote space and support the expansion of this working approach by building the world’s leading community for remote managers.

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