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10 days
Our training is 90 minutes max per workshop - we know your team can’t afford to spend days in training sessions. They need solutions they can implement immediately so that they can relieve stress and begin to enjoy their work again.
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Packages available for a team of 1-100, 100-300 and 500+ employees.

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This program is designed to give all your team: new time management strategies that empower them to be more productive, focused, and healthy when working remotely, strategies to reduce the need for constant meetings- more time for productive work, a process to identify their own remote working best practices to ensure they sustain themselves and prevent burnout, and a toolkit for building and maintaining relationships remotely with their colleagues.

This program is designed to give all the leadership team: new tools and techniques to build and sustain engagement on their remote teams, strategies to manage performance in remote environments, training to manage performance in remote environments, a game plan to increase collaboration and innovation within their teams, a program to enable them to create, facilitate, and host more meaningful meetings remotely, and a toolkit to help them coach and motivate remote employees.

Project steps

Discovery session
This session will help us see the bigger picture internally, discover which challenge is impacting your team the most, understand the root cause of the issues, understand what has been done and how it's worked, help you create a longer-term strategy for the team's sustainability, and make the content as relevant as possible to your culture.
First workshop
The first workshop is for your team - focused on helping them sustain themselves, their wellbeing, and their productivity by looking at topics like time management, boundaries, managing busy workloads, communicating effectively, and understanding the habits and practices that work for them as individuals.
Second workshop
The second workshop is just for your leadership team - focused on empowering them to manage and support their team in a compassionate, yet performance-focused way. Helping them navigate the difficult conversations and engagement challenges that they face when leading teams remotely and ensuring they maintain engagement amongst their teams remotely.
We'll put together the content for the Revive Remote Workshops based on the topics we’ve listed above.

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