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  • Develop a positive goal-setting & getting mindset
  • Apply time management tools in work & life
  • Encourage remote team building
  • Use personal goals to boost professional goals
  • Create a work-life blend
  • Promote Personal Development

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Greg Walters, HubSpot, Sydney/ Australia

Thanks for an amazing session, Nini! I’m on a 13-day streak in Duolingo and have gone for a run three days this week. I really didn’t expect a corporate workshop to be so impactful for my daily life.


New year, new goals! It’s time to put your daily to-do lists aside and re-define goal setting for your team. So it doesn’t only serve the bottom line of your company but also the well-being of your employees.

How? By taking some time out of your busy life to work on your best life and motivate your team from the inside out.

In the first half of our Bucket List Cycle, we dig into the “Bucketlistology”. You & your team will learn how to set ‘SMART’ goals, how to get more time out of your day and how a Bucket List mindset can help you thrive in every area of your life.

In the second half, we unfold the globally proven 12-steps M.Y.B.U.C.K.E.T.L.I.S.T. Blueprint. Based on 12 different categories for a holistically fulfilled life (T = taking lessons) with 50 suggestions each, every team member will create their unique tangible action plan for a purpose-driven 2022.

Best of all: We take action on the spot! At the end of the cycle, we set a countdown and take a first step of action to come one step closer to one of their Bucket List goals.

How your company will benefit if your employees “Tick it before they kick it”.

Motivate them from the inside out: Pair their personal goals with professional incentives (e.g. “Reach your KPI - get the helicopter flight you always dreamed of”)

Encourage them to dream together: Sharing their personal life goals is a powerful way to engage staff, create stronger teams and a positive corporate culture across borders.

Getting comfy outside the comfort zone: Motivating them to take action on their “best lives” leads to experiencing immense personal & professional growth by finding joy outside their comfort zone

Retain top-talent with an uplifting company culture: When you support your team in achieving their personal goals, they’ll be more motivated than ever to help you reach your corporate goals.

About the Expert

After living her own adventurous Bucket List Year (including goals like touching hands with the Dalai Lama and hitchhiking Nicaragua in a toilet paper truck) Nini has moved to the beaches of Bali to swap her Bucket List Year for a Bucket List Life as a Certified Bucket List Coach for remote work teams.

She strongly believes that when people thrive, organizations thrive! Because it’s happy employees who make happy profits and not vice versa.

That’s why her big mission is to help team members of remote work teams to feel more fulfillment from the inside out to eventually perform better at their work - and every area of their lives. Together with Certified Bucket List Coaches in 22 countries around the world, she has helped thousands of individuals and Fortune 500 companies like PWC, Adidas, and HubSpot live their best Bucket List lives.

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