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  • More confidence to give and receive feedback
  • Practical models and approaches, ready to master in life
  • Improved communication & team cohesiveness
  • MURAL template, ready for you to ‘seed’ feedback in your team

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Stacey Seronick, Design Manager, IBM

The Feedback session with MakeTeamWork was easily one of the most valuable workshops my team has had

Alexandre Reganati, Buda Digital (Shopify+)

The Feedback Workshop led by Adam & Larissa was full of useful tips & tricks. I started testing these methods in life, and they are just great!

Paulo Fonseca, Senior Designer Upper

Adam really knows about feedback and it’s a skill you need to master! We, as a team, booked a feedback workshop and it helped us develop the skill and be more attentive to this matter. Adam’s understanding of how feedback works and experience in dealing with these kinds of situations was crucial to us. I thank him deeply for what he showed me and the rest of the team. Adam is the guy to help you with Feedback!


Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a disruptive start-up, feedback is crucial for your team culture. When applied in a safe environment, it fuels fast growth and strengthens trust. With the support of our coaches - Adam & Larissa, you will learn the ‘what, why & how’ about feedback and start testing four approaches right away. You will get practical tips & tricks and gain confidence to master feedback for better teamwork and life. People who participated in our program experienced a shift in how they interact in any kind of team environment - they are more confident, put more focus on creating safe spaces, and communicate better. You will walk away with a good understanding of feedback and be ready to start training your feedback muscle!

Who it is for:

  • Teams from all walks of life
  • Team Leaders & Members from all walks of life
  • Agile Coaches & Scrum Masters

About the Expert

Adam and Larissa. Polish - Brazilian/Italian couple based in Amsterdam. Founders of MakeTeamWork - a global culture activation boutique, bringing change to organizations from all walks of life: from established ‘giants’ like IBM, to ambitious disruptors like MURAL, to fast scaling stars like Whatagraph, to students of Hyper Island, Kaos Pilot, KLU, & universities worldwide. We focus on helping leaders and teams discover their growth mindset and equip them with tools and approaches for effective communication & rapid growth.

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