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  • The importance of identifying motivations
  • The types of motivations
  • How to identify what motivates your employees
  • Maintaining motivations and company culture

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This program, open to new or seasoned managers, is here to help you navigate the tricky world of management by focusing on motivations. You will be able to find out what motivates each and every one of your team members to keep them moving in the right direction.

The key to successfully managing employees (whether you have two or 20) is to find out what motivates each and every one of them to keep them moving in the right direction. This can be especially difficult with remote teams, but don’t worry, this program will help you get there.

We'll go over: why it’s important to identify motivations, what types of motivations are out there, how to identify what motivates your employees, what you’ll be able to do once you know, and how to keep & cultivate a motivated team.

About the Expert

Nicole likes to consider herself a jack of all trades because she's worked in many different environments, having finally landed in the startup world. She started out working at bigger organizations in higher education and law firms. She then found herself working in sales for travel companies and finally, an established company, EF Education First, and a startup, Remote Year. She is currently the Principal Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn.

She was granted the opportunity to combine her professional passion with her personal one, travel. She discovered remote working through her time as a manager at Remote Year, a fully distributed company trying to change the way people view work and travel. During her time at Remote Year, Nicole was able to travel the world while working towards her professional goals. She was managing a team of sales reps dispersed throughout the world and coaching them to success was just as fulfilling as traveling was for her.

Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures opened up her eyes to how there is an infinite way to live a full life and ultimately, remote working allows people to live their best lives on their terms. This had led Nicole to a life of exploring forever.

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