Build a strong hybrid work culture

Improve your company culture with these ready-to-use remote workshops and meeting scenarios.

How to Build a Strong Culture in a Hybrid Team?

We often get asked this. That’s why we decided to share a few of our favorite workshops and meetings scenarios to help you build a remote work culture that fits your team. It’s true that with a shared workspace, culture often evolves organically. In a remote working setup, however, you have to be more mindful, consistent, and intentional.

What’s Inside?

This guidebook includes a quick introduction into hybrid work culture and provides you with free workshop resources to help you understand your current challenges. Start your conversation about possible solutions today with our guide!

Inside you’ll find detailed instructions that will help you deliver different workshops focused on virtual team culture. Each workshop scenario includes objectives and the key-information needed for preparation and delivery instructions.

Find the Right Workshop for Your Virtual Team:

Workshop 1
Discovering Visible and Invisible Elements of Your Remote Work Culture
Workshop 2
Culture Discovery Session - Anthropologist Game
Workshop 3
Building Hybrid Company Culture Based on Individual Values
Workshop 4
Problem-Solving in Remote Company Culture
Workshop 5
Building a Hybrid Work Culture Design Canvas

Need a Little Help with Delivery?

Need some help from external Remote-how experts to deliver these workshops for your team? Or maybe you’re looking for hands-on consulting services to improve your culture? See how we can help.

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