Solutions: Hire Head of Remote
Hire Head of Remote

Find a professional to handle your company’s transition to remote

A solid remote setup in a company can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. It takes real know-how and practice that only comes with hiring an experienced Head of Remote with Remote-how!

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If you’re struggling with:

❌ The culture and work in your company’s remote setup becoming out of control

❌ No one being responsible for the company transition to a remote or hybrid setup

❌ No documentation protocols for remote work

❌ A messy remote work toolstack with each team using something different

Then you should hire a Head of Remote with us!

Ensure your company has a plan for remote work and someone there to execute it:

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Hire someone who understands remote work

We will help you find a dedicated person to work with your company part-time or full-time as a Head of Remote. Depending on your specific needs, we will explore possible verticals of the position

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Create a long-term strategy for transitioning into a remote or hybrid setup

Remote work isn’t going anywhere, so it’s time to make a plan to accommodate this change! Together we will prepare a complex strategy on how to transition your company to remote or hybrid setup.

❗ To help you hire a Head of Remote, we will mainly work with the HR team and leadership team at your company.

What’s in the package?

Step 1

Remote Work Audit

The audit provides an insightful snapshot of what’s going well, what isn’t, and what can be changed in your current approach to remote work.

  • Anonymous surveys with your employees tailored to four different groups
  • Perspective analysis from both the manager and employee sides
  • 1:1 discovery calls with key stakeholders
  • Revision of your existing employee handbook and policies
Step 2

Defining a job description for Head of Remote

Based on the Remote Work Audit, we will define the scope of work, as well as if you need someone full-time, part-time, or just temporarily. The job description for your Head of Remote role will be tailored to your company’s unique remote-first or hybrid model.

Step 3

Head of Remote placement

We will present you with candidates for Head of Remote at your company. You will only see profiles fitted to your company needs and personalized job description!

Step 4

Individual consultations with managers

That’s not all! If you want to stay in touch with our consultants after hiring your Head of Remote, we’re happy to run regular consultations for you!

  • Implementation calls
  • Long-term advising on remote work at your company
  • Mentoring with chosen executives from your company

Our Consultants

To accommodate the needs of companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries, we’re working with our vast network of experienced remote consultants. Based on our discovery call, we will recommend you the best consultants for your unique situation.

How does it work?

Thanks to our semi-automated approach and access to the best remote work experts on the market, we can start helping your company in just a few days!

#1 Discovery call with Remote-how

#2 Agreeing on the project scope and external consultants involved

#3 Processing documents and payment with Remote-how

Are you ready to get serious about remote work?