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The Ultimate Guide to Remote Team Building Activities

Manage virtual teams like a pro with the Ultimate Guide to Remote Team Building Activities. Discover unique remote team building activities to keep your virtual team engaged, as well as ideas tested and loved by remote, hybrid, and distributed teams all around the world.


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We know firsthand that building a remote team is a challenge that can all too easily be put on the back burner. It can have a bit of a bad reputation too, springing to mind boring team-building exercises and forced socializing events. This commonly occurs because the activities we’ve all experienced weren’t applied to the needs of the team in their specific stage of development.

In this guide, we show you step-by-step how each team evolves and how their needs change. You’ll learn to recognize team development stages and apply the right team activities accordingly. We’ve even included tried and tested team activities submitted by remote, hybrid, and distributed teams of all sizes from around the world.

We’re sure that you’ll find this a valuable resource for anyone who is managing a remote team. Ice-breakers, conversation starters, ideas for rewards systems, or even special holidays - you’ll find all of these inside the guide!

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