Remote Employers Masterclass: Powertofly

Remote Employers Masterclass: Powertofly

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written on July 2019 by Magda Sowierszenko

In our Remote Employers Masterclass series, we’ve been looking at some of the best companies globally that are hiring remotely. It can feel like a real challenge when thinking about changing your working life and starting a remote career. However, when you finally get the remote job of your dreams it makes the whole process worth it! Each masterclass gives you a brief description of the company, along with all the things that make the company particularly interesting for remoters. We’ll even have Q&A sessions so you can find out what really makes a remote-friendly company successful. For this installment of our Remote Employers Masterclass we’ve decided to take a look at PowerToFly

PowerToFly is elevating women’s careers through community events, free video training, and deep connections to companies building diverse and inclusive workplaces. Their hiring partners leverage PowerToFly’s platform and services to meet D+I goals while unlocking data insights across our vast network of Fortune 500 companies, fast-growing startups and the millions of women they reach. They are a totally remote and global team, spanning five continents and over ten countries.

Remote Employers Masterclass: PowerToFly
PowerToFly’s Mission: Improving Gender Ratios in the Technology Industry

Something that PowerToFly hears over and over again is that women don’t just want flexibility at work, they need it. Remote working arrangements come in a number of different forms. This could be full time working from home, the occasional flex day, flexible hours, or simply the support from an employer to adjust schedules accordingly.  Providing these arrangements can play a large role in attracting and retaining female employees.

PowerToFly is a completely remote company with employees in over 10 countries. They have no set working hours, unlimited PTO (paid time off), and  have worked hard to ensure their culture is one where every employee, regardless of gender, can thrive both personally and professionally.

PowerToFly’s Team & Recruitment Process

The team at PowerToFly has almost doubled in the past year, with a team of 40 employees. They’re always on the hunt for people with diverse ideas to help them dominate the candidate connections space (a $23 billion market). What’s really interesting about their team is that many of their full-time employees started as freelancers or part-timers who turned smaller projects into big opportunities within the company. 

To land a gig at PowerToFly, understanding how a prospective employee takes on feedback is important, and to do that, one must be a good communicator. CoFounder Katharine Zaleski notes, “when you work remotely, it’s crucial to be a good communicator – always better to over-communicate than say nothing at all”.

In terms of cooperation, each team has a daily standup where they debrief virtually on blockers and tasks for the day. They make use of tools like ASANA for project management and rely heavily on communicating in Slack or Google Docs. PowerToFly hosts daily virtual events and sometimes 8 in-person events a month, which means there is some fun traveling and opportunities to connect directly with the community they serve!

Remote Employers Masterclass: PowerToFly
What would PowerToFly recommend for women in tech who want to switch to remote careers?

The company’s advice to women in tech who want to switch to remote careers is “to be confident in your abilities. There are more and more remote opportunities becoming available daily, and these companies want women like you on their teams. Sign up for PowerToFly, attend our virtual events, and network with women who want to help you elevate your career!”

PowerToFly & the Remote-how Academy

If you’d like to find out more about PowerToFly and possible job opportunities, then visit for all their listings. They’re always looking for people with unique skills and ideas for how the company can take PowerToFly to the next level. If you’re not a fit now, but something pops up down the line, they’re really good at reaching back out when an opportunity does arise. 

Remote Employers Masterclass: PowerToFly

PowerToFly has a great collective ambition, as most of the major projects and initiatives they currently have started as one-off ideas or conversations with teammates. These teams then take it upon themselves to turn the ideas into reality. If you want to have the opportunity to take your ideas and turn them into something that can make a real impact, then think about applying!

For more information, tips, tricks, and guidance in realizing your remote work dream in general, you can sign up to our Remote-how Academy here: 
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