Remote-How Weekly Digest #82

Remote-How Weekly Digest #82

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written on March 2020 by Aleksandra Wnuk

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We’re often saying this. If remote work isn’t working at your company, don’t blame employees — look at the managers instead. They shape the culture of each team and the workplace in countless ways, being responsible for translating company-wide strategies and goals into daily operations. 

We were really surprised when we realized that there’s no study dedicated to this group yet.


That’s why we have decided to prepare the first global report focusing on managers of remote and distributed teams. Throughout this study, we want to learn what kind of struggles remote managers around the world are facing daily, and how they are dealing with them.

So, are you one of the remote managers we’re chasing after? Good! 

Now that we’ve got you, we would like to ask you to fill out our survey and help us collect insightful data that we will share with you all in just a few weeks. TAKE PART IN OUR SURVEY

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Enjoy your weekly dose of fresh remote articles!


How to Implement an Emergency Remote Work Setup

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, companies from all across the world are asking their employees to work from home. In this article, we share everything we know about preparing and implementing an emergency remote work setup. It’s also a written summary from the webinar we delivered on the 10th of March in case you missed out.


Join the Movement

Learn more about this initiative empowering the diaspora of 16 million Lebanese to hire qualified talent in Lebanon. The country is facing an unprecedented economic crisis and remote work can help to prevent many highly educated, experienced, and talented individuals from sliding into poverty or fleeing the country.

REMOTE webinar

Remote Rescue: An Essential Guide for Newly Remote Workers

We’re teaming up with HackerParadise for another great webinar with a recap of all the essentials you need to know while working from home. In particular, this will be useful for people who have found themselves suddenly working from home as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

REMOTE security

Cybersecurity When It Comes To Remote Work Means Zero Trust

As remote work becomes the norm for employees and companies, an important discussion that’s taking place in IT organizations centers around cybersecurity. Read through the article to understand better the issues facing cybersecurity when it comes to remote work and learn more about the Zero Trust Principle or NIST framework. 

REMOTE communication

The Remote Worker’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

On a remote team, everyone is a writer. When you work remotely, a few misplaced words can become an occupational hazard. Without the context of face-to-face cues and body language, every message, sentence, word, and punctuation mark become loaded with meaning. Doist shares a few tips on how to improve your writing skills!

REMOTE resources

A List of Resources That Might Help If You’re New to Remote Work

HotJar put together a list of resources (and some great tips too!) that might be helpful if you’re new to remote work. They have been fully distributed since 2014, so they know what they’re doing.

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